Opencart SSL Certificate Configuration

How To Configure SSL Certificate For Opencart ?

for accepting payment through your opencart based e-commerce site for secure transactions it is advised to enable and ssetup SSL certificate. It is required to follow number of steps to enable the SSL certificate. 1) To get SSL Certificate you may refer or you may contact your hosting provider, 2) Login to your site.

How Opencart Login Works ?

How Opencart Login Works?

In this post I am going to discuss regarding the opencart login say HOW OPENCART LOGIN WORKS.Files used in login functionality are 1) /oc2302/catalog/controller/account/login.php 2)/oc2302/catalog/view/theme/default/template/account/login.tpl

Well Begun Is Half Done

Well Begun Is Half Done

hello friends, its my first post and just introductory one.believe in “well begun is half done”. I am hoping to provide many and paid scripts, great blogs etc. regarding me I am experienced programmer and I can work on all most any language. huhhh new language wont take much time to learn because I.