Welcome to Sarthak Infotech

Hi, I am Hiren ,

I have Masters Of Engineering Degree In Computer Engineering from India. I works under brand name sarthakinfotech.  I have been working as a web developer since 2006.  I worked on many projects based on phpmotion , rayzz , opencart , wordpress etc. here at sarthakinfotech you may find interesting blogs on programming , opencart etc and also may find free/paid opencart extensions.

My expertise includes


HTML , CSS , JavaScript , PHP , MySql , JQuery , bootstrap, Excel Vba , Visual Basic.


WordPress , Yii Framework , Rayzz , PHPMotion , Opencart etc.

if you need any help ( regarding programming , extension creation , bug fixing etc. )than you may please feel free to contact me at admin@sarthakinfotech.com

Good Day,