Fixed Header Opencart Extension

Fixed Header Opecart Extension

fixed header add the functionality of fixed headers (top menu bars) to both site front end and admin.
at a front end, it will be a great experience to customers.benefits at the front end are as below.
1.easy to navigate to other links from the menu
2.easey to search
3.easy to watch cart status – no of items and price.

at the admin site, it will be easier to perform save, delete, cancel actions for all the pages.
like say for example admin is at the product page and he is at the bottom of the page so he needs to scroll up for adding product he may it is
easier for him to click the add button. after adding a product it is easier to save or cancel.also easy to use a left menu in admin panel.


In the OpenCart admin backend, do the following steps:

Step 1)
Go to Extensions > Extension Installer

Step 2)
Upload the

Step 3)
Go to Extensions > Modifications
You should see an entry for this Front and Admin Fixed Header – Menu

Step 4)
Click on the Refresh button (top right of the page)

That’s it!

If during the install you get an error saying “Could not connect as ……”
while uploading this zipped extension via the Extension Installer,
you probably have the FTP support disabled from your hosting.
In that case you may try the following OpenCart Extension Installer fix first:

Note: supported version of opencart are as below